David Hockney at London’s Royal Academy

David Hockney, Winter Timber, 2009

ArtLyst talks to Curator Marco Livingstone about Hockney's latest exhibition of Landscapes which runs from 21 January until 9 April 2012 at the Royal  Academy in London. … [Read more...]

Nick Ervinck: Recent Works

This month ArtSmacked is showcasing the work of Belgian artist Nick Ervinck. The online show features a selection of works followed by the artist’s statement & short biography. Artist's Statement Nick Ervinck's work explores the borders between various mediums including sculpture and architecture in an attempt to fragment the mental image and to question the use and the perception of … [Read more...]

A New Van Gogh

Recently Attributed, Still life with Meadow Flowers and Roses by Vincent Van Gogh

Still Life with Meadow Flowers and Roses is a painting that has been in the Kroeller-Mueller Museum collection for decades but its authorship has remained a mystery until recently. X-ray investigations, which revealed an under-painting depicting two wrestlers fighting have convinced experts that the work was painted by the illustrious, Vincent Van Gogh The questions that surrounded the work … [Read more...]